Automne/hiver 2018/19


The new Change collection this season is unique.

Elegant materials in feminine combinations look casual and yet trendy.
Strong individual components captivate due to their suitability for daily use and great fashionable spirit.
Comfort is cool.

Color array:
The Fall/Winter Collection’s color range falls within typical winter colors such as khaki, taupe, gray and navy.
“Black is the new black” and you can’t do without it of course.
Burned orange provides specific highlights and gives value and depth.
Checks in exciting color combinations increase the collection’s overall statement.

“Fake Down”
We’re giving sub-zero temperatures the cold shoulder with our stylish light down and fake down jackets.
The effective fake-down composition guarantees an ultra-light and warming feel-good effect.
There’s a jacket for everyone here, with or without a hood.

These modest, knitted blazers make the jackets look original and stylish. 
A lot of attention to detail makes our knitted cardigans sophisticated and modern.
It’s gotta be comfortable!

“The deliberate irregularity”
These cord blazers with a garment dyed appearance give the collection a casual and unique look.
A group of stylish garment-wash parkas with many different accessories guarantee pleasant wear comfort.
The important thing is to be exciting and trendy.

Innovative polar skin in a biker style or in parka form with washed, cuddly and soft qualities.
Many materials with a fall look, combined with trendy multi-colored faux fur, exhibit a fresh look.
“Bonding” is still on the agenda, and whether it’s with faux fur or large woven structures, they make the jackets soft and comfortable.